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healthy life with vi
You’re tired of procrastinating, trying different diets, feeling frustrated, and seeing minimal results. You have heard the opinions of others and have tried different approaches but remain dissatisfied.


You want clarity. You want results. You want to take control of your own health. You want to learn, to accomplish your goals, to feel like you’re living with purpose.


Healthy Life with Vi can help!

I am motivated by learning. As I expand my own knowledge and grow as a person, I will be writing about what I’ve learned, what I am learning, and my experiences. I want to provide you with information you can absorb, think about, and implement in your life. My goal is to provide you with information, expand your knowledge, and give you clear and direct actions you can take to make changes in your life.

You can count on me to be honest, genuine, and direct. Let me be your guide and help you confidently begin your health journey.

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I plan on writing and also utilizing other methods to disperse information, including videos and audio files. The content you can expect to see here includes:

  • How-to content
  • Guides
  • Theoretical/philosophical posts
  • Themed-content series
  • Educational/research-based posts
  • My personal experiences, new challenges I undertake, lessons learned, how they apply to you
  • Actionable steps you can implement in your life to make changes
  • Any other helpful avenues to deliver information

I am interested in and will write about a variety of topics related to health, including:

  • Physical, emotional, and mental health
  • Food, GMOs, eating organic, gluten
  • Health concerns, disease
  • Detoxing/cleansing practices
  • Fitness and exercise
  • Alternative therapies and methods
  • Personal development and growth, mindset
  • Habit formation and habit breaking
  • How and why we are motivated, goal setting, etc.
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Why should you come back?

I embarked on my own personal health and healing journey beginning of 2012. It was a challenging and at times devastating time in my life. I needed to make changes related to health, emotions, and relationships. Today, more than three years later, I am at times taken aback by my own journey and the progress I have made. It hasn’t been easy and I am consistently working on myself and improving aspects of my life. So I know it’s not an easy process. I know that at times the pain, heartache, lack of motivation, and confusion that you feel overwhelms you and leaves you feeling defeated. I’ve been there. I want to help you rediscover yourself, that person that you know still exists inside you. I want to help you reawaken your voice and your strength. I want to help you redefine how you see yourself, your struggle, and your experience.

Aside from my own continuing health journey, I have education, experience, and training in mental health, psychology, and social work. I currently work as a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). I am a firm believer that mental and emotional health is closely linked with physical health. We cannot sweep emotions under the rug. We need to accept and embrace the uncomfortable emotions that we want to just push away. One of my goals is to teach you how to accept and live with those uncomfortable emotions.

Ignorance may be bliss but Knowledge is power! My goal is for you to get inspired and energized by the information and knowledge you’ll gain here and feel empowered to take action to enhance your life.


Read about the site’s manifesto here.

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