100 day journey

DAY 22 – Dreams, next time | 100 Day Self-Attunement Journey

“She needs time, like we all do. Time to be ok with being ok. Because sometimes feeling right, after feeling so wrong for so long is the hardest thing to get used to.” -JmStorm

100 day journey

Hi there! Welcome to Day 22. I meditated today for 30 minutes to a guided meditation for relaxation and sleep. It was a pretty good one. It’s an hour long, but I stopped at about 30 minutes. Click here for the video.

I want to share with you all an update on my sleep and nightmares, but I want to do it in a video and not a blog post. I’m planning on talking about that tomorrow (Day 23), and today I would like to share a video (Click here) with you that I watched the day after I had the nightmare of being shot. The woman’s name in the video is Teal Swan and she’s a spiritual healer. I will reference this video tomorrow. Thanks for being with me on this healing journey.



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