DAY 23 – TEARS | 100 Day Self-Attunement Journey

Today is day 23 and this will not be a video about dreams.   I am allowing this to take me wherever it needs to. That video is still to come, though.

Maybe in the tears, I’ll finally find the door to all the answers.
Maybe the tears will cause the flood that will wash away the hurt.
Maybe the tears are the salvation.
Maybe they’re the question.
The tears create the ocean between you and me. The distance. When I look up, I’m reminded of the wind on that beach we once saw, remember? It was so strong. Maybe the wind can blow into the ocean of tears. Maybe it can move the water?

This journey is unpredictable and unprecedented for me. Things are coming up that I didn’t expect. I’m struggling with concepts that I thought I had resolved. These recent days make everything seem blurry and difficult. I’m crawling through this unknown space, hoping to find more clarity soon. 

Thanks for being here. See you tomorrow. 


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