Win each battle

MONDAY MOTIVATION – Don’t Ever Underestimate the Power of Progress!

Win each battle

As humans, we have a propensity to want and expect instant results when it comes to anything and everything. And when our situation requires patience and further hustle, we complain or doubt if what we’re doing is even worth it.

Don’t do that.
    Don’t expect greatness without work.
        Don’t expect results without putting in the time.

Great work will yield great results with time.

Don’t be fooled into settling for the quick thrill of instant gratification. Quick thrills quickly pass and you’re left with things of little substance. You’ll know you’re working towards something important, meaningful, and incomparable when your patience is tested, when you’re forced to wait to see results.

Working and waiting is preparing and priming your brain to be able to handle rejection, pain, uncertainty, obstacles, and the wait gracefully – not only now, but with your future endeavors as well. This experience is not only strengthening you mentally, it is also testing your commitment and dedication to the goal you had initially set. Don’t give in. Fight through that wall. It exists for a reason and you’re the only one who can get yourself to the other side.

Smash through it! Don’t allow yourself to crawl back into the box of mediocrity. It may seem comfortable inside, but that small box will only keep you at a standstill.

You are capable of so much more.

The video below illustrates my progress with pull-ups! Notice the differences between the speed, form, and reps of the two videos which are approximately 3 months apart. Don’t give up! Keep working on your fitness and health goals. Share with me below in the Comments section what you’re currently working on and how I can help you reach your goals.

Share with us below your current fitness progress!

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