practice self-awareness

Stand Out and Stand for Something: The Manifesto for Healthy Life with Vi.

practice self-awareness

“It is naive to think that self-assertiveness is easy. To live self-assertively–which means to live authentically–is an act of high courage. That is why so many people spend the better part of their lives in hiding–from others and also from themselves.”    – Nathaniel Branden

As you continue reading my blog, you will find that some of the things I write about will challenge your current way of thinking, behaving, and living. I encourage you to keep an open mind as it will be the deciding factor when it comes to how you will use the information you read here.

Stepping outside the confines of what you’ve been fed by the mainstream media and conditioned by society throughout your life will allow you to begin looking at your own life with self-awareness and acceptance. You’ll begin to question why you do the things you do and you’ll identify the function each behavior serves for you. It is my wish that you become a finely tuned self-aware individual with a steady sense of self and an unwavering spirit to grow and thrive.

I encourage you to join me on this challenging and exhilarating journey where you learn about yourself and begin to accept every part of you – both the good and the “ugly.” You’ll begin to see yourself and others differently. You will begin to feel the power that resides within you and be inspired to keep growing. The benefits a self-discovery journey reach far beyond having more good days than bad. Once you become finely attuned to your emotions and experience, you will begin to radiate vitality, honesty, and purpose.

This post focuses on Healthy Life with Vi’s core values, philosophies, and beliefs. You might be challenged by some of the questions I pose in posts. You might feel uncomfortable and unable to see beyond the question itself. I want you to know that it’s normal. Two reasons for why you’ll have this experience include:

  1. The questions will be new to you. It will be unfamiliar for you to think about certain things and concepts because you’ve rarely done it. If you’ve never spent time asking yourself and pondering different philosophical questions, they will evoke uncomfortable emotions in you. Be open – to new experiences, to new possibilities, to new feelings, to growth. You might be surprised by what you find on the other side after you genuinely contemplate some of the questions.
  2. As humans we possess such amazing defense mechanisms that exist to protect us emotionally. If you are not ready to face something in your life, your defense mechanisms won’t let you near the issue. Coming face-to-face with an issue usually means that you will have to make changes in your life and take action! Pay attention to the emotions that certain questions evoke in you. Your hesitation to address certain questions could mean you’re afraid of facing the truth about a particular situation, relationship, or behavior in your life.

It is my hope that the questions that challenge you also motivate you to address any and all contradictions, hypocrisy, and incongruencies in your life.

I encourage you to periodically revisit the posts and/or questions in order to notice how you are feeling in regards to the questions themselves and also feelings about addressing them.

create your experience

Core Principles for Healthy Life with Vi:

#1 We create our own experience.

#2 The body is not separate from the mind and soul.

#3 Self-awareness will align you with your soul’s calling.

#4 Self-forgiveness is essential to growth and progress.

#5 Authenticity always wins.


#1 We create our own experience.

Everything starts with you. That’s the good news. Everything that is currently happening in your life, good or challenging, is a manifestation and direct result of your beliefs, desires, wants, actions taken, actions not taken, thoughts, etc. It’s still difficult for me to hear at times, but the fact remains that you are the only one who is responsible for your life. I am the only one responsible for my life and its outcome. You are the only one responsible for your life and its outcome. There is no one to blame. There is no one that will save you, no prince or princess that will sweep you away on a white and shining horse and fix all your worries, insecurities, and fears. You have the control to change your life, to alter your course, to improve, to grow, to succeed. It all starts with you. Play the main character in your own life instead of letting someone else direct your story. Ask yourself:

    • Am I satisfied with my life?
    • Do I like myself?
    • Do I like the path I’m on?
    • Do I dictate the course my life takes?
    • Do I take responsibility for all my actions?
    • Do I blame others?

be authentic

#2 The body is not separate from the mind and soul.

Everything you consume will either fuel or deplete your body, spirit, and mind. Feed your body the best ingredients possible and your mind and spirit benefits. Consume organic non-GMO, non-toxic ingredients and food as much as possible. There are vast differences between organic and non-organic living. Your body is meant to move and has an incredible ability to heal itself. Remember, you are energy. Your thoughts are energy that will either propel you forward with motivation and fervor or drain your zest for life. Therefore, your mental and emotional health do not function independently from your physical health. Everything is connected. You must take care of your body, mind, and soul. Be gentle with yourself. You must honor all your emotions. Those are key components of living an integrated healthy lifestyle. Ask yourself:

  • How do I honor my body?
  • What do I feed my body?
  • How do I take care of my mind and soul?
  • Do I accept and honor all my emotions?

you are in control of your life

#3 Self-awareness will align you with your soul’s calling.

You possess the intrinsic knowledge of what is best for you – your soul constantly speaks to you in a variety of ways through situations, experiences, emotions, and pain. You are the only one who can either dim or embrace your soul’s yearning and message. Your soul is persistent in informing you of changes that need to be made in your life. It starts with self-awareness. It starts with

  • slowing down,
  • paying attention to your internal state of being,
  • listening to your emotions,
  • accepting whatever you are feeling without judgment, and
  • using your emotions as information on how to improve and change your life.

This is neither a simple nor easy process. It will take practice and persistence. Practicing to becoming self-aware of your emotions and internal state of being is one of the first steps to take in order to understand yourself and make necessary changes in your life. I will be writing about self-awareness extensively.

Start becoming comfortable with the fact that you have been and will continue to be provided with experiences and situations that will serve as tests for you to either pass and build upon or stumble and repeat and learn from. Learn from everything. Pay attention to what each experience and situation in your life is trying to tell you and teach you. Become observant and keenly aware of your surroundings, people, and yourself. Pay attention to how each person’s energy affects you.  Remember, we all emit an energy and frequency, so be aware of the type of energy that you’re releasing as well. Ask yourself:

  • How do I describe myself?
  • What do I want in life?
  • What do I stand for?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Am I pursuing things and goals that enrich my life and enliven me?
  • Do I feel uplifted or drained after interacting with certain people?

forgive yourself

#4 Self-forgiveness is essential to growth and progress.

You will mess up in life. Allow yourself to make mistakes. When you try to be perfect, you place insurmountable pressure on yourself which will inevitably manifest itself negatively and impact your health, goals, and progress. As human beings we are not wired to be perfect. Changing your perspective about flaws, mistakes, and failure will lead you to live a more open, daring, and fulfilling life. Your flaws make you different, unique, interesting, and able to relate to others. Your mistakes help you learn. Failure is just a word that proves you were brave and bold enough to do something. While not succeeding at something can leave you feeling defeated, those experiences usually point you in a direction of your intended path and teach you about humility, growth, and grit. Pay attention and be open. If you’re focusing on what you didn’t do or didn’t accomplish, you’ll miss important lessons and the impact they can have on your future success. Do not lose sight of the big picture. Forgive yourself when you mess up. Take responsibility. Learn to accept failure — it means you are doing, trying, living. Ask yourself:

  • Do I love myself completely?
  • Am I afraid to pursue goals due to fear of failure?
  • How do I self-sabotage myself and my own success?
  • Am I gentle and loving towards myself or judgmental?

be authentic

#5 Authenticity always wins.

I have learned that what is popular is usually useless and promotes mediocrity. It encourages you to follow the pack, not rock the boat, stay within the lines. I am here to tell you that “coloring outside the lines,” more specifically your lines, will allow you get in touch with yourself and other people on a different and deeper level. This will require authenticity, genuineness, and confidence. It will feel scary at first but as you practice honesty and acceptance of self you’ll start to feel different – more alive and less scared. You’ll begin to see that all the limitations you have placed on yourself exist only in your head and you’ll begin taking steps necessary to eliminate them. You’ll inspire others.

Do not compare yourself to others. Do not compare your experience to someone else’s. Do not be afraid to be yourself. You are a capable, unique, and dynamic individual. Your message and song needs to be heard by the world. Stifling your rawness and individuality for the sake of pleasing other people will leave you dissatisfied, bitter, and disingenuous. You’ll feel like something is missing and wonder how to find it. So, be who you are! Be authentic and real. Dismantle the box society or your family or your friends or even yourself has put you in. There is no box, there is only you. It is not your job to keep others comfortable. Learn to accept the fact that not everyone will like you. Understand that authenticity is infectious and the right people will be drawn to you if you are real, honest, and confident in who you are. Stand for something. Speak your mind. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat. The people who understand your essence will withstand the storm with you. Ask yourself:

  • What are my deepest values?
  • Am I living my life according to my values or someone else’s?
  • Do I let my soul’s song play freely?
  • Am I a people-pleaser?
  • Am I honest with myself?
  • What scares me the most about showing people my authentic self?
  • How am I limiting myself by living life according to other people’s standards?


“Nothing you build on inaccuracy or mere hope or longing or lies or laws that oppose the nature of things can endure.” – Augusten Burroughs


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